CS go gambling: what betters need to know about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

csgo gambling occupies a significant part of the eSports industry. And this is justified, since the release of the last series of multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike in 2012 coincided with the moment of formation of virtual betting.
To date, more than a hundred multi-level counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are held annually in the world:

  • Minors-low-level tournaments with small prize funds are used by teams as a chance to get into high-level competitions without direct invitations from the organizers.
  • Majors – tournaments of the highest level with million-dollar fees, held twice a year.

During Major events, eSports bets occupy the top positions in the bookmakers ‘ sections.

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principle of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The meaning of this version of the Valve shooter is to confront teams of counter-terrorists and terrorists in several rounds, where each group has unique features and capabilities. Classic scenarios include defusing bombs, destroying enemies and freeing hostages, as well as completing a number of tasks on official game maps.
ESports players choose the opposing side to join at their discretion. Communication via radio messages ensures perfect coordination of the teams ‘ actions, the goal of which is to advance through the system of achievements and earn money necessary for the purchase of various types of weapons.

how to bet on CS:GO: pre-match and live bets

With the growing popularity of eSports competitions, many reliable BCS have included CS GO matches in the painting. For the most part, they offer the following types of bets:

  • standard bets on the winner;
  • on the overall result of the match;
  • for totals of rounds or cards;
  • on teams ‘ relegation from the championship;
  • on the finalists of the tournament;
  • on various odds or performance of a particular eSports player.

In General, the number of types of bets depends solely on the imagination of the bookmaker. And the betterer’s success depends on knowing the rules of the game, since this greatly simplifies the choice of betting options and the analysis of handouts.

Why is it profitable to bet on CS GO in live

Rapid development of events is one of the features of eSports and the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, among others. Therefore, many offices offer favorable odds for placing bets directly during the match.
For experienced bettors, this feature has a number of advantages, since:

  • they can visually assess the participants ‘ readiness for the competition;
  • in live, the option to Refine and adjust bids as events unfold in the match is available;
  • it is easier to determine the favorite.

The last point is especially relevant, since real pros take part in high-level Championships. And only in the course of the game, and not in absentia, statistics can determine the most effective teams and individual eSports players.

CS:GO gambling: Global Offensive skins

This discipline, as well as the eSports industry itself, is constantly developing, so today betters can use not only money, but also skins to make bets. Moreover, do not underestimate this type of bets, because players sometimes spend astronomical amounts on skins (ammunition, as well as attributes that change the characteristics and appearance of weapons). Bookmakers see this as a good prospect and already offer the opportunity to put skins on various gaming events.